The Truth About Lies And Lies About Truth


“A superb presentation about the healing power of truth. One of the beauties of this book is witnessing the author's own personal journey towards transformation. David talks with you, not at you, while at the same time challenging you to come and be made whole. His sincerity, wisdom, and practical applications will show you, his reader, how you, too, can live in the truth that will set you free.”
--- Todd Oakley. Lead Pastor Gate City Vineyard Church, Area Leader Vineyard Mid-Atlantic Region

“David Takle knocks the ball out of the park with this insightful book about the insidious power of lies – not the kind of lies that we all recognize as false but the deeply held internal assumptions about how life works and who we are that seem true, yet have malformed our soul. No one escapes ... This book is a must read for all who seek to grow in intimacy with God. If you apply the wisdom within, it will change your life.”
--- Elizabeth Stalcup, Ph.D., Executive Director of Healing Center International

"This is one of the most profound books I have ever read. It is a must read for every Christian who wants to walk in freedom and victory. It will amaze you."
---Sibylle Raymond, Erlanger KY

"I think this work is one of the best pieces of writing and wisdom that has ever come to the Body of Christ … it explains why so many people are falling away from the organized church … Your book pulls back the curtain, and the wizard (or should I say lizard??) is exposed. Thanks for opening the curtain … so the Light can expose what is truly there behind it all."
---Blair S Morgan, Atty. Spring Hill TN

"David Takle brings together three worlds that I believe are interrelated yet seldom spoken of in the same breath (or book): spiritual formation, recovery and inner healing. Readers may not realize he has accomplished this feat because he addresses his basic topic of transformation so seamlessly through well-worded explanations, excellent examples and simple diagrams that make the process relatively easy to understand. What brings it down to earth is that he compares this process with what he calls “faulty approaches to spiritual development.” These are formulas heard every day in Christian circles and frequent thoughts in many Christians’ minds. Readers are gently moved forward from these destructive ways of thinking so they can feel that trusting God deeply and dialoguing with God are not only normal but quite possible."
--Jan Johnson, Simi Valley CA, retreat speaker and author of Invitation to the Jesus Life and Savoring God’s Word.

"David Takle’s book is a must read for anyone interested in growing deeper in their walk with Christ ... I was so encouraged and excited by the opportunities available to encounter God and grow in His love. I felt strengthened to face the brokenness and deceptions in me. Now instead of producing discouragement and despair, they are further opportunities to encounter Jesus and be restored. This turns a painful process into one filled with hope. I found this book so helpful ... I love this book and recommend it highly. I intend to buy it for all my Christian friends."
---Laurie Kayne, Lawrenceville NJ

"This is a thought provoking and relevant book. It clarified a lot of issues in my mind ... I am better as a Christian and as a person for reading this book."
---Jeff, Boston MA

"David, Thank you for the book. I have read it and enjoyed it thoroughly. I bought several copies and am going to give some to friends and family and sell some to colleagues and counselors that I know. It was an excellent and thought provoking book for me ... The idea that transformation can still take place and that it is and needs to be an ongoing process is well stated and encouraging to me ... that the Holy Spirit is a willing and joyful teacher was a refreshing thought and obviously true..."
---Cliff Sexton, Modesto CA


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