The Truth About Lies And Lies About Truth

About The Author

My name is David Take. I have been a Christian for over 50 years. Despite being a very active layman most of that time (teaching adult Bible classes, preaching, etc.) I struggled with various spiritual and personal issues for years, and continually wondered why it took so long for my character to grow and become more like the person I believed God created me to be. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed like there were parts of me that did not want to change.

Starting around 1985, God began taking apart my best efforts to live the Christian Life and replacing them little by little with an ever-increasing dependency on him. This journey has taken many forms and many unexpected turns. But the healing and restoration that God has done since then has been more joyful and life-giving than I ever thought possible. My hope for this book is to help other Christians out there who are hungry for more of God and are tired of feeling like permanently defective disciples.

Perhaps the most tragic part of this journey has been the sobering discovery that much of the Western Christian world is missing some of the most important the keys to our restoration, and instead have spent centuries encouraging approaches to spiritual growth that do not work! And the more devoted we are to faulty approaches, the more disillusioned we become. Once we learn the Truth About Lies, a door opens to a way of life we may have doubted would ever be possible.

  • Graduated Fuller Theological Seminary 2005, Master of Divinity (MDiv) with Concentration in Christian Formation
  • Graduated Metro State University, MN with a BA in Human Services, Concentration in Counseling
  • Have led numerous retreats and workshops
  • Currently living in North Carolina with my wife Jan

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Why I Wrote This Book

After a devastating personal and spiritual meltdown in the mid-1980s, I found myself among a group of friends who were all trying to rebuild their lives, relying on each other for the support and encouragement needed just to get from day to day. As we picked over the pieces of our lives together attempting to make sense of the mess we were dealing with, we began to notice one particular thought that kept surfacing in the discussions, one idea that captured for us the part we all seemed to have played in our own demise: “There was so much that we did not know, and what you don’t know can destroy your life.”

Of all the things I learned during that period of recovery, none were as surprising as the sheer number of things that I had been deeply mistaken about. These were not simple errors in judgment, but severe misconceptions at the core of my being regarding my own identity, the character of God, the nature of relationships, and what sorts of things actually drive our lives. Most of all, I came to realize that we can be very hurt by what we do not know and that much of my pain was caused by my lack of understanding of life. What made this so disorienting was that most of my life I believed I had a superior grasp of things because of my extensive Christian and theological background. Yet none of that had been sufficient to keep my life from coming undone.

Then in January of 2000 I was introduced to the work of a Christian counselor who not only had an incredible grasp of the relationship between lies and emotional pain, but who had learned much about how the damage caused by lies can be healed by engaging directly with the Holy Spirit. His work had such an unmistakable ring of truth to it that my wife and I began to pray with each other for God to restore the broken places in our lives in this way. Within a very short time the depression that I had lived with all of my life began to lift, and in its place was a rapidly growing sense of hope and joy. After having been a Christian for well over forty years, I was for the first time experiencing God’s direct work in my life to change my heart and mind day by day.

One of the many results of this journey has been an ever-increasing awareness of the depth and pervasiveness of deception, as well as the power of truth to set us free. More recently I have begun to see the extent to which the interplay of truth and deception provides an integral framework for much of Scripture, theology, and life. This single framework equips us with a powerful means for breaking the bondage of the sins we feel stuck with, for breaking the bondage that comes from the wounds we have suffered, for developing a genuine relationship with God, and for growing proactively in our walk with him. By way of contrast, the extensive theology and discipleship training I received years ago (and taught to others) did very little to rescue me from the brokenness I lived with inside me. My meltdown did not come from disobedience or lack of repentance or any moral lapse. It came because doctrine is no match for the lies we learn from life experience. And those who trust their doctrine and willpower to keep them afloat are in far greater danger than they could ever imagine.

Most important of all has been the change in my relationship to God. My encounter with truth has been made through God, and has led me to a relationship with God that is authentic, tangible, and substantive. To be precise, it is my experience of God that has changed my life so significantly. I only speak of it as an encounter with truth because that is the aspect of his character that has so profoundly affected my life. My experience of God and his truth has, in turn, opened the door to the Kingdom that I have been searching for my whole life. I feel a bit like John McCarthy when he wrote to Hudson Taylor, “I seem to have got to the edge only, but of a sea which is boundless; to have sipped only, but of that which fully satisfies.” My prayer is that this exploration of the nature of belief may touch others who have also yearned for more of God or struggled with how to move forward in the Christian life, and that this will provide both the hope and the means to break free of whatever holds them back.

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