The Truth About Lies And Lies About Truth

Revised 2017 !

A Fresh New Look at the Cunning of Evil
And the Means For Our Transformation

"I've been waiting for someone to approach spiritual formation, recovery and inner healing in an integrated way. This is it!
In doing so, David Takle has described how interactive life with God grows and results in transformation into Christlikeness."
--Jan Johnson
    retreat speaker and author of Invitation to the Jesus Life

The truth will set you free? Then why am I still carrying around all this pain? Why am I still stuck in my walk with the Lord? What is wrong with me, and why does the Christian life seem so elusive?

Difficult as these questions can be, many Christians today find themselves in the position where their journey toward an authentic life with God has slowed down to a crawl or stopped altogether, with no bridge and no way forward in sight. Tragically, the very ideals many Christians depend on for spiritual growth are actually their greatest source of bondage! Deeply tied to this problem of stagnation is a pervasive misunderstanding and mishandling of Truth that has distorted an undermined Christian practice throughout the history of the Church.

Beyond traditional models of discipleship, beyond inner healing prayer, The Truth About Lies and Lies About Truth describes the foundations you need for renewing your mind and building a relationship with your heavenly Mentor that will transfrorm your life. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Why Christian Education fails to produce adequate change
  • When being more committed will not help
  • How the misuse of truth can create bondage instead of freedom
  • How most discipleship models actually make life harder

You can also download a longer excerpt from the book here

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